Smart Care Solution

Imagine being able to reduce false alarms by 99% as a caregiver, giving you more time to focus on genuine care. With Kepler Vision Night Nurse, a fall detection system, this is now possible. The AI healthcare software monitors the well-being of individuals. Besides fall prevention and fall detection, it also detects patients‘ lying position, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

Any Robot, Software, Sensor

Image 1 | The Automation Suite is engineered to work with all types of robots, sensors, and metrology software solutions. A library enables users to drag&drop hardware components and start automating immediately.

Eleven Dynamics introduces the software Automation Suite, an advanced open platform poised to redefine industrial automation. This next-generation solution seamlessly integrates diverse technologies into a single, efficient system, offering unmatched compatibility and flexibility.

Just Press Play

Image 1 | Pick&Place application (truck components) and component counting. The components are randomly distributed. The application uses simple single lighting, which leads to strong shadows being cast at the edges.

With the Denk Vision AI Hub of Denkweit anyone without expertise or complex hardware can implement image recognition/evaluation in just a few clicks from 15 images. By using the new technologies, customers receive high-performance and reliable solutions with a simple click on ´Play´. The technology is used in all markets and areas where processes need to be automated and optimized.

Eyes & Brains

AI4IV has developed a completely new vision sensor technology that combines the advantages of neuromorphic devices with those of digital CMOS devices. AI4IV’s camera chips can acquire images without artifacts in the most challenging lighting conditions and accurately extract the relevant information from the scene. Some of the target use cases for this technology include security & surveillance, autonomous vehicles, machine vision, robotics, and agriculture.

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Camera Tomography

The heart of Tenta Vision’s new NDT systems is a patented sensor, essentially a camera that can look inside materials. This revolutionary technology, which is called ‚camera tomography‘, allows to identify both external and internal defects like voids, delamination, foreign materials, cracks, and more in mere seconds. The technology is material-independent and can penetrate up to 30mm beneath the surface of softer materials.

NDT for Composites

Image 1 | Example workflow diagram of the photothermal tomography system 3D V-ROX System

Previously, active thermography has often been used as a qualitative method, providing a quick, non-contact overview of the integrity of a component. In the event of any thermal anomalies, a second test method, in most cases ultrasonic, had to be used to determine absolute defect sizes. Photothermal tomography with the compact 3D V-ROX by Voidsy enables 3D defect visualization and an easy automation of inspection tasks. It significantly increases the efficiency of determining the lateral defect size and the defect depth.

AR for Industrial Quality Control

Avoiding production failures and preventing costly downtimes and rework are crucial in manufacturing. Twyn is Visometry’s mobile Augmented Reality (AR) software platform that empowers organizations to create inspection plans and conduct real-time quality inspections using tablets right on-site, wherever parts are manufactured or stored.

1-Click Spare Part Identification

Using 3D CAD data, the system generates training data without manual intervention, enabling one-click training for up to 100,000 spare parts.

Imagine taking a photo of a machine with your smartphone and seeing at a glance which spare parts are installed in which place, and being able to order them directly and replace them accordingly. No manual search. This article delves into the technical aspects of synthavo’s AI-based technology, highlighting how it transforms the process of spare parts identification and enhances efficiency in the manufacturing sector.

Smart 3D Vision for Robots

Image 1 | Cycle time in this Kitting Cell at Danfoss Drives A/S was reduced from 40 to 25 seconds after retrofitting it with a 3D Vision Systems - while its reliability increased significantly.

Roboception has recently introduced a 3D stereo vision platform that is based on the Nvidia Jetson Orin and features leading-edge resolution and accuracy. It runs the provider’s own software as well as any additional software elements all within a compact device. In addition, the company has developed a new approach to providing the robotic systems with ‚visual abilities‘.