Thermal Surface Profilometry

To provide a solution for temperature-controlled optical profilometry Linkam has partnered with Sensofar to develop a new technique for characterising the evolution of a sample’s surface topography with temperature using the S neox 3D optical profiler and Linnik interferometer coupled with Linkam’s LTS420 temperature-controlled chamber.

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At the Edge or in the Cloud?

Marco Diani (EMVA)

On the second day of our virtual event inVISION Days experts from Amazon Web Services, EMVA, Intel and Xilinx joined Editor-in-Chief Dr.-Ing. Peter Ebert for a panel discussion about the future of machine vision.

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604 Megapixel

Image 1 | The 604 MP resolution area scan camera of Hikrobot has a full resolution up to 28416×21280 Pixel and a maximum framerate of 1.5fps.

With the increasing popularity of high resolution displays, the requirement for ultra-high resolution camera increases rapidly in Flat Panel Display (FPD) industry. The 604 MP resolution area scan camera of Hikrobot was developed.

HSI goes AI

Image 1 | Comparing Yatsuhashi crackers with the results of RGB and HSI. The results show that misclassification with RGB is quite common due to the influence of light and other factors. The HSI results show that Sparse Modelling is capable of classifying

Different applications show that combining Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) with AI and Sparse Modeling of Hacarus enables new possibilities to improve the accuracy of image data analysis, both for manufacturing and medical domains.

Mind-Connected AI

Image 2 | One possible application of the new AI systems can be security surveillance, other are manufacturing and medical AI models as well as neuromarketing or simulators.

A new technology by InnerEye establishes a direct interface between an expert user and an AI system which enables a smooth and accurate User-AI knowledge transfer and collaborate decisions.

Stiching & Trashing

Image 1 | Because data rates exceed the capacities of a single CXP frame grabber, the Phantom S990 is equipped with 16 outputs and requires four CXP grabbers to perform at its full throughput potential.

The Cyton-CXP4 CoaXPress frame grabber of Bitflow has been verified to be compatible with the Vision Research Phantom S990 camera. The camera delivers direct data transfer speeds of 9Gpx/sec (70Gbps), streaming a maximum of 937fps at 4,096×2,304 (8bit), or up to 680,000fps at lower resolution settings.

Brand Protection

Image 1 | A visual AI Inspection System helps a distillery to reduce costs and avoid production downtime, as labelling errors can be avoided or detected earlier.

Dairy Distillery, a Canadian spirits manufacturer that has pioneered a unique process to produce vodka from a dairy byproduct, uses an AI visual inspection system of Pleora Technologies to add decision-support for manual labelling and quality control (QC) checks.

Speed Up Qualification

Image 1 | JupyterLab comes preinstalled with its own virtual Python environment and can be used without any further configuration. Advanced users have the option of using their own custom virtual environments.

Lucid Vision Labs recently integrated JupyterLab in its ArenaView software viewer. JupyterLab comes preinstalled with its own virtual Python environment and can be used without any further configuration to test and validate a camera’s features and performance.

Detecting Originals

Image 2 I The FeaturePrint system supports fast deployment with simple retrofit into existing physical production lines, operator stations, and process control points.

Alitheon’s FeaturePrint software enhances industrial cameras with algorithms that allow them to see pixel level details of any object and turn them into a unique ID. The math representing the object becomes like a digital fingerprint which can later be used for verification with common tracking and serialization tools.

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Image Acquisition Tools

Image 1 | eGrabber Studio is the evaluation and demonstration application of eGrabber. It allows testing image acquisition, checking, and configuring the parameters of the cameras and frame grabbers and recording the acquired video onto the hard disk.

For a machine vision application developer, choosing the right camera interface may sometimes be a difficult decision. The eGrabber Image Acquisition software of Euresys is a set of image acquisition drivers, libraries, and tools compatible with GigE Vision, CoaXPress and Camera Link cameras.