Secure Vision

inVISION: Peter Ebert

On the second day of our inVISION Days 2022, Brighter AI, Phytec, Sick, and Zeiss joined Editor-in-Chief Dr.-Ing. Peter Ebert in discussing the need for security in vision applications.

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Mobile Robotics

The edge AI computing system EAC-5000 is ideal for in-vehicle computing, robotic control, machine vision, intelligent video analytics, mobile robots, and any embedded AI applications.

The edge AI computing system EAC-5000 of Vecow is powered by the Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin platform. The compact embedded PC is rugged in design and supports high compute density with I/O flexibility for advanced edge AI applications in harsh environments.

MIPI for Vision

MIPI Alliance Mobile System Diagram

To keep MIPI CSI-2 at the center of future applications, the MIPI Alliance is exploring key emerging machine vision use cases and considerations. The following article explains how the recent major update of CSI-2, version 4.0 helps to achieve these goals.

At the Edge or in the Cloud?

Marco Diani (EMVA)

On the second day of our virtual event inVISION Days experts from Amazon Web Services, EMVA, Intel and Xilinx joined Editor-in-Chief Dr.-Ing. Peter Ebert for a panel discussion about the future of machine vision.

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HSI goes AI

Image 1 | Comparing Yatsuhashi crackers with the results of RGB and HSI. The results show that misclassification with RGB is quite common due to the influence of light and other factors. The HSI results show that Sparse Modelling is capable of classifying

Different applications show that combining Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) with AI and Sparse Modeling of Hacarus enables new possibilities to improve the accuracy of image data analysis, both for manufacturing and medical domains.

Mind-Connected AI

Image 2 | One possible application of the new AI systems can be security surveillance, other are manufacturing and medical AI models as well as neuromarketing or simulators.

A new technology by InnerEye establishes a direct interface between an expert user and an AI system which enables a smooth and accurate User-AI knowledge transfer and collaborate decisions.

Brand Protection

Image 1 | A visual AI Inspection System helps a distillery to reduce costs and avoid production downtime, as labelling errors can be avoided or detected earlier.

Dairy Distillery, a Canadian spirits manufacturer that has pioneered a unique process to produce vodka from a dairy byproduct, uses an AI visual inspection system of Pleora Technologies to add decision-support for manual labelling and quality control (QC) checks.