A Clear Vision


Closing the first day of our virtual event inVISION Days Basler, B&R, Lucid Vision and Teledyne Lumenera joined Editor-in-Chief Dr.-Ing. Peter Ebert for a Panel Discussion regarding the day’s main topic ‚Cameras‘. Together they pondered the question ‚what will the camera of the future look like?‘

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Brand Protection

Image 1 | Dairy Distillery operates in a highly competitive market, and brand appearance is a key factor in ensuring consumer shelf appeal. The Visual Inspection System helps the distillery reduce costs and avoid production downtime, as labelling errors ca

Dairy Distillery, a Canadian spirits manufacturer that has pioneered a unique process to produce vodka from a dairy byproduct, uses an AI visual inspection system of Pleora Technologies to add decision-support for manual labelling and quality control (QC) checks.


Bild 1 I Mit Hilfe von Deep Learning gefundene Objektregionen ermöglichen effizientere 3D-Matching-Prozesse.

Bei der präzisen Lokalisierung von Objekten in automatisierten Fertigungsszenarien helfen Deep-Learning-basierte Vision-Technologien wie Object Detection und semantische Segmentierung. Eine Kombination der Vorteile beider Verfahren bietet Instance Segmentation. Diese nutzt die Stärken beider Methoden, um den Suchbereich des oberflächenbasierten 3D-Matchings auch in komplexen Anwendungsfällen präzise einzuschränken.

Mind-Connected AI

A new technology by InnerEye establishes a direct interface between an expert user and an AI system, which enables a smooth and accurate User-AI knowledge transfer and collaborate decisions.