Ambient Light Suppression

Photoneo introduced the 3rd generation of its Ambient Light Suppression technology to allow customers to take 3D scans in the most demanding lighting conditions.

Measuring the whole Audi e-tron BIW in a Narrow Space

With the Nexos 4.0 software Audi Sports was able to measure both sides of the e-tron BIW in a narrow space, with one robot, one sensor, and one turntable.

Audi Sport faced a challenging problem. The typical cells to measure the complete BIW (body in white) of cars are double cells, meaning double the cost and double the complexity. The company needed a simpler, more cost-effective and more robust solution. This came from Eleven Dynamics with the Nexos 4.0 software.

3D Inspection in Fuel Cell Paste Printing

Wickon Hightech has developed an optical inspection system that allows thick film processes in fuel cell production to be inspected in three dimensions in the wet state for the first time. With a dual-track setup, integrable into fast automation lines, the system achieves 3D inspection rates of two seconds per track.

Cowhide Inspection

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) of natural marks on genuine leather is finally available to be used in production. In the past, the extremely varied appearance of natural marks combined with the difficulty of judging the resulting quality zones, made it impossible to use objective and reliable AOI in the leather industry. This has changed with a new machine vision solution by Dr. Schenk. The solution was recently successfully introduced in a German premium car manufacturer’s production line.